5G First Responder Lab:

A Commitment to Public Safety.

The future of public safety technology will be powered by 5G networks. From critical communications, to situational awareness, to virtual reality, to drones; 5G will enable life saving capabilities that will empower the first responders who protect our communities. Verizon and ResponderXLabs are committed to delivering those vital capabilities as soon as possible. 5G First Responder Lab will help deliver that commitment by working alongside boots-on-the-ground to identify the most pressing needs, and the global entrepreneurial community to source the leading solutions.

In 2019, 5G First Responder Lab will enable 15 emerging technologies with the power of 5G, and then we’ll deliver those solutions to public safety agencies throughout the country.

No whitepapers, no hackathons. Real solutions, real deployments. 5G First Responder Lab will do more than just enable technology; we’ll make sure that technology is what first responders truly need, and we’ll make sure it’s available for every agency. That’s our commitment to public safety.

Program Benefits:

  • 5G Enablement
  • Agency Sales Acceleration
  • Showcase Opportunities
  • Press & Demo Exposure
  • Co-working Space in DC
  • Potential Venture Investment
  • Potential Product Distribution

Program Highlights







ResponderXLabs enables and showcases cutting-edge technology specially curated to solve the needs of first responders and public safety industry. Utilize the experience, lessons learned and best practices from over 500 entrepreneurs that have come before you in this challenging industry. Learn how our Program is helping entrepreneurs turn the unique challenges that have made the industry so challenging for past innovators into opportunity.

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At Verizon, we don't wait for the future. We build it. That's why we built our own 5G technology to accelerate testing and drive the development of the worldwide 3GPP 5G standard.

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Collaborating at the cutting edge

At Verizon’s 5G Labs we work with local innovators to grow the 5G ecosystem. Together, we explore the boundaries of 5G technology, co-create new applications and hardware, and rethink what’s possible in a 5G world. The NYC lab is already open for collaboration. And labs in Washington D.C., Waltham (MA), Palo Alto and Los Angeles are scheduled to open by the end of 2018.