Get your technology in to the hands of first responders. At Scale. Faster.

Leverage lessons learned from successful industry entrepreneurs before you. Connect directly with agency buyers and boots on the ground users. Partner with Corporate leaders that can drive your solution across the market.

Enable and Showcase

ResponderXLabs enables and showcases cutting-edge technology specially curated to solve the needs of first responders and public safety industry. Utilize the experience, lessons learned and best practices from over 500 entrepreneurs that have come before you in this challenging industry. Learn how our Program is helping entrepreneurs turn the unique challenges that have made the industry so challenging for past innovators into opportunity.

Why ResponderXLabs?

82% of entrepreneurs in public safety believe they’ve lost a bid to an inferior technology due to perceptions of being a startup.

What’s Included?

  • Enablement Content

    Content designed to help innovators overcome the hurdles that limit commercialization opportunities in the industry. Lessons learned and best practices from successful entrepreneurs, experienced agency buyers and users to help early-stage companies scale their solutions.

  • Corporate Partnerships

    A well-established key to successfully overcoming commercialization barriers for early-stage companies are finding the right corporate partners. Our program helps entrepreneurs connect with industry leaders to add sales channels and scaling opportunities.

  • Federal Resources

    Agencies across the globe are vested in ensuring first responders are well protected and equipped. Our program helps entrepreneurs identify growth and funding opportunities across these leading federal agencies like the DHS and NIH.

  • Local Public Safety Agency Buyers

    Public safety agencies are quickly realizing the value of new age technology for their operations. Connect directly with these forward-thinking agencies that have a demonstrated interest and ability in new technology for pilot and purchase opportunities.

  • First Responder Feedback

    It’s absolutely vital new technology is fully vetted in the field. First responders have unique preferences and requirements that have to be met to ensure successful commercialization. Through our Program, entrepreneurs hear directly from the end user around product preferences, additional needs, and optimization.

  • Regional Event Showcase Opportunities

    Demo your solutions to hard-to-reach agencies across the country, at scale and a cost you control

ResponderXLabs levels the playing field — for the first time in public safety, entrepreneurs will be judged by the merits of their technology, not the logo on their website.

Twiage Medical

Twiage is a powerful, award-winning technology that streamlines workflows and accelerates life-saving care for EMS and hospital teams. Whether you are a paramedic, ED physician, or a Stroke, Cardiac or Trauma team, Twiage is a solution for you.

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Haas Alert

The HAAS Alert Safety Cloud™ delivers “look ahead” awareness to motorists and vehicles.

Connected road safety for emergency crews, technicians and road operators. Interoperability for organizations, real-time traffic management tools for cities.

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3AM Innovations

3AM has partnered with experts around the globe to solve indoor location for first responders. We have designed a solution that utilizes state-of-the-art sensors, communication technologies, and software which we call FLARE – an acronym for Firefighter Location and Rescue Equipment. FLARE creates a self-contained mesh network that monitors, records, and reports a firefighter’s movements, location, and surrounding temperature in real time.

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We build innovative, simple, meaningful tools within reach of all in law enforcement to combat crimes such as human trafficking and child exploitation. Callyo has changed the way investigations are done, and believes that you shouldn't need special equipment to do something special. We have saved countless man-hours and taxpayer expense, increased prosecution rates, and improved the well-being of investigators with solutions that respect the privacy of our fellow citizens.

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RapidSOS is an advanced emergency communication company. Outdated infrastructure impacts millions of emergency calls each year. RapidSOS is developing an advanced technology platform to predict emergencies before they occur, warn people in harm’s way, and ensure that first responders are one touch away globally. RapidSOS enhances the existing 9-1-1 infrastructure by providing a pipeline for data from connected devices into dispatcher systems.

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Qwake Technologies

Qwake Technologies was founded on the belief that innovation has the potential to be a force for good. Our cross disciplinary team builds products that move the needle for humanity. Our first product, C-THRU is a next generation augmented reality vision platform purpose-built to save lives. By providing firefighters with the ability to see through zero visibility conditions, we seek to re-define the future of fire and rescue through computer vision and augmented reality.

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Kiana Analytics

Kiana cloud-based software and patented device detection enhance physical security, optimizes operations and delivers proximity solutions for public safety agencies worldwide. Kiana’s real-time remote awareness platform allows public safety agencies to strengthen physical safety and security and understand citizen behavior.

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SceneDoc is public safety’s new standard for mobile data collection. SceneDoc simplifies the collection, organization, and management of data. Saving officers 50% of the time they spend on administrative functions, resulting in less time reporting and more time keeping the communities they serve safe.

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Orion Labs

Orion Labs is a messaging platform for real-time communication between people, teams, bots, intelligent agents, and voice services. Orion works across a constellation of devices, on any device, over any distance, with any network, without boundaries. The company was founded by cloud infrastructure pioneers Jesse Robbins and Greg Albrecht, who were inspired by years of experience using traditional push to talk radio systems while volunteering in the fire and emergency services.

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Kaseware is the premier investigative case management system and was designed by a team with extensive real-world law enforcement and investigative experience. Kaseware combines incident and case management, dispatching, evidence management, and analytics in a single, integrated system.

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Groupdolists centralizes team coordination during incidents, harmonizing procedures and processes across any organization. GroupDoLists instantly creates a common operating picture across any organization throughout the cycle of planning, response, and assessment. Your team can’t predict when an incident will occur, but it can be prepared to respond with planned, coordinated, well-rehearsed procedures. With Groupdolists, you can activate your team at a moment’s notice.

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Cloudstreet provides Public safety personnel with the required guaranteed connectivity with high bandwidth when responding to an incident SLA-guaranteed secured bandwidth is purchased via the Bandwidth-on-Demand application as and when needed. On-demand functionality allows for much more widespread proliferation of option to request priority (e.g. security guards, hospital staff etcetera a potential beneficiary). Cloudstreet orchestration ensures public safety users do not congest the network themselves during major incidents.

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Ready Responders

When you get ill or injured, it can be difficult to know exactly who to call. Is it serious enough to warrant to trip to the ER, or is calling your physician or visiting an urgent care sufficient? And if so, which facilities take your insurance, and do they have availability for an appointment? Ready Responders takes the guesswork out of healthcare. Ready Responders’ Medics are dispatched to you to treat your immediate medical needs and our physicians and nurse practitioners assist you in getting you the proper treatment and follow-up care.

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BlueForce Development

Blueforce provides products and services that enhance life safety, increase operational efficiency, and enable better decisions. For public safety Blueforce enables all-channel access to what’s going on around you so you can make better decisions, faster and delivers immediate and direct access to the information our national security specialists need to accomplish their mission. For Smart Cities Blueforce enables real time situational awareness that leverages actionable sensor data for the protection of facilities, critical infrastructure, and citizens.

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Positive Impact

By helping entrepreneurs deliver innovative solutions, we’re giving first responders the tools they need to be safe and effective on the job.

Getting started is easy.

Our institutional diligence process works to ensure fully validated and cutting technology is admitted in to the program.

  • Application

    Tell us a little about yourself. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll invite you to a brief exploration call to learn more and answer any questions.

  • Institutional Due Diligence

    Our review process is designed to ensure your technology and company are the proper stages to capitalize on the opportunities available for the program as well as solutions that meet the needs of the Program’s agencies.

  • Onboarding

    When we’ve confirmed the fit, we’ll get started on onboarding your company and technology to the Program’s platform so you can begin to take advantage of all the opportunities presented.

Any questions?

    The Basics

    What’s the length of the Program?

    The program is divided into two 2 stages; Enablement Content and Showcase. The Enablement Content stage gives entrepreneurs the tools and resources their business needs to overcome the unique hurdles early-stage companies face when trying to commercialize technology in public safety. The Enablement Stage is complete when Participants have completed the required courses to reach optimization for public safety selling. There’s no set time limit for required completion of the Enablement Stage, however, we reserve the right to dismiss Participants no longer engaging or making progress. The Showcase Stage is on-going and available for all active Graduates of the Enablement Stage.

    What’s the cost of the Program?

    The Base Program is free for Entrepreneurs. Additional Showcase, PR and networking opportunities are available above the Base Program. Participant’s can pursue those opportunities by securing Participant Sponsors to cover any associated hard dollar costs.

    Do I give up equity participating in Program?

    No, the Program does not make investments or take equity in any of the Participants.

    Are investment dollars guaranteed if I participate in the Program?

    No, the Program does not make investments or take equity in any of the Participants.

    What expenses must I be prepared to cover?

    Travel and demo expenses related to showcase events will be the primary expenses associated with the Program. You will have full control over those expenses; you choose which events to attend and what presence you’d like to maintain at that event.  

    Will travel be required?

    No for Stage 1, Enablement. Yes for Stage 2, Showcase. Travel is only required in the Program to attend showcase events. All Enablement content is delivered remotely. However, showcase events are optional; you chose which events to attend.

    Applicant Criteria

    What’s stage should my Company be in to be ideal for the Program?

    Our Program is focused on optimizing the underlying Company that supports and commercializes cutting edge technology. However, the content is not focused on technology research or development. As such, in most cases, the Program is best suited for commercial ready, or near commercial ready technology. The bulk of the Program’s resources begin at the pilot stage, if you have a technology that’s ready for pilot, you’re ready for the Program. The resources extend beyond launch, beyond commercialization and in to scaling. If you’re already successfully selling in to the public safety market, but you’re looking to increase distribution, add sales channels and grow, you’re also ready for the Program. Of course, all Companies in between pilot and scaling are also great fits.

    What if my Company is international and brand new to the US public safety market?

    The Program is designed to enable cutting edge technology, regardless of where the Company is located. If you have a technology that can bring value to first responders, in the US or abroad, the Program is built to help you do it and your application would be welcome.  

    What if my Company has already been selling in tangential markets and we believe we have application in public safety, but we have not yet explored the market?

    This scenario is largely what the Program was designed to solve for. Leading technology has long avoided the public safety sector, we’re believe our Program can help solve that problem. We’ve simplified the path to market, and have built-in several early stage indicator checks that Companies can pursue to better gauge their potential success in the market. Again, if you have a technology with application in public safety, the Program is a great fit and we’d welcome your application.

    What if my Company previously tried and failed to sell in to public safety so we decided to pivot?

    If you believe your technology still has positive application in the industry, please apply. We’ve seen dozens of examples of great technology that wasn’t able to penetrate the market… That’s exactly why this Program was started, we want to support that great technology!  

    Requirements and Process

    What’s required of my technology to apply?

    Application in public safety. The technology needs to have a clear, identifiable market in the public safety industry.

    What’s required of my team to apply?

    Commitment. The Program requires the commitment of you and your team to capitalize on the resources and opportunities provided through the Program. If you don’t have the desire or bandwidth to pursue new opportunities, we don’t think the Program will be mutually worthwhile.

    How do I apply?

    The Base Program application is available at Complete the information required in this submission and feedback will be provided within 2 weeks.

    What happens after I apply?

    After you complete the application at, we’ll set up a intro call to review the information provided, clarify questions and request further details. We will also provide more details on the benefits of Participant Sponsors and open this opportunity for you to explore further.

    What’s the timing of the application process?

    Our goal is to complete all applications, with or without Participant Sponsors, within 4 weeks of initial submission.  

    Are there any specific dates or deadlines for the application?

    The application process is rolling and on-going, there are no deadlines in the application process.  

    Partnership Opportunities

    What’s a Participant Sponsor?

    A Participant Sponsor is a single or group of corporations, foundations and/or associations that are willing to commit to supporting you through the Program. Support includes willingness to cover or contribute to associated Program Costs such as your booth and showcase presence at ResponderXLive Events, supporting your interaction with agency buyers such as pilots and RFP responses. Participant Sponsors are often existings corporate partners that benefit from your growth, such as integrators, distributors or channel partners.   

    How do I secure Participant Sponsors?

    A list of industry stakeholders that have expressed interest in Participant Sponsorship opportunities for select startups will be provided following initial application. Participants may select Sponsors from this list, or from their already existing network. If needed, we can provide overview information that can be shared with existing relationships unfamiliar with the ResponderXLabs program.      

    Am I required to have a Participant Sponsor?

    There’s no requirement to secure a Participant Sponsor but it is recommended. The Program is free for entrepreneurs because we wanted to make it as accessible as possible. But certain Program benefits like showcasing at our events may require hard dollar costs. Participant Sponsors are a great way to offset those costs and to build relationships that will allow you to take advantage of all the opportunities available from the Program.