Bringing 5G to First Responders First. Meet the 2nd Cohort of the 5G First Responder Lab:


An Aerial Infrastructure for Indefinite & Autonomous Drone Operations

Pixo VR

Fully immersive and interactive, 360°, 3D virtual training spaces for first responders

Nsena VR

NSENA law enforcement training to life through advanced virtual reality

SIGMA by Two Six Labs

A DARPA developed advanced radiological and chemical detection system for smart-city & critical infrastructure situational awareness


Waycare is shaping the future of city mobility with predictive analytics and AI for smarter emergency response


ASYLON designs, engineers and manufactures the DroneCore System, the world’s most powerful fully autonomous persistent aerial asset. ASYLON was founded in 2015 by MIT engineers to automate the future of drone technologies, creating tomorrow’s aerial infrastructure today. Their team is made up of world-class experts in the autonomous drone space with over 50 years of combined military, civilian and commercial experience.


SIGMA by Two Six Labs

SIGMA by Two Six Labs, is a DARPA developed advanced radiological detection system that provides data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization for region-scale networks of personal, mobile and static radiation sensors. SIGMA is the product of years of R&D and real-world testing. The result is the industry’s leading self-contained radiological detection platform, supporting person-carried, vehicle-mounted, and static placements through a real-time monitoring and collaboration platform.


Pixo VR

Pixo VR provides a fully immersive and interactive, 360°, 3D virtual training space for first responders. Complete customization allows trainees to learn the best way possible: through experience. Our Virtual Reality Training solutions provide first responders hands-on job experience in a risk-free environment, turning errors into learning opportunities. With groundbreaking features, jaw-dropping 3D graphics, and behavior-changing active learning narratives designed by experts, Pixo makes safety and skills training responders want to do — not something they have to do.

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Nsena creates virtual reality training content for corrections and law enforcement on a subscription basis. Content Library - Proprietary VR training modules for Corrections and Law Enforcement. The Library currently Includes 50 modules and adding one new module each month. Modules can be run with VR hardware and firearms, and Nsena is poised for the next generation of VR hardware to expand options such as batons, pepper spray, tasers, tactile response and beyond for the fully immersive and interactive training experience.

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Waycare is shaping the future of city mobility, enabling cities to take full control of their roads by harnessing in-vehicle information and municipal traffic data for predictive insights and proactive traffic management optimization. Waycare’s platform enables municipalities to capitalize on the enormous amount of data coming from various transportation modes, including connected and autonomous vehicles, to improve traffic safety and proactively manage the city’s roads.

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Wednesday, October 16th - Cohort 2 Experience Day - Washington, D.C.

EXPERIENCE the world's first 5G Enabled Technologies for Public Safety

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The 5G First Responder Lab enables emerging technologies with the power of 5G.

Sigma by Two Six Labs

IoT sensors in cityscapes will depend on low-latency, reliability, and connected devices in order to get real-time data for tracking radiation, chem/bio threats. 5G will enable SIGMA to stream to multiple command and control interfaces to rapidly ID radiation levels and provide early warning for evacuation and response.


5G for Early Warning Threat Detection

5G capabilities will enable Waycare to perform real-time traffic and emergency vehicle routing, warnings, & deconfliction.

Safe Cities

5G to Enable Smarter Emergency Response

5G will enable Pixo's multi-user functionality to allow dozens of trainees to learn, practice, and interact at the same time, in the same environment - from anywhere in the world, 5G will enable NSENA's mobile training environment, bringing mission critical virtual training to life.

VR Training

5G for Life-like Training for Life-saving Operations

5G low-latency enables ASYLON to enhance Indefinite & Autonomous Drone Operations for enforcement and rescue capabilities.

Threat Detection

5G to Enable the Autonomous Threat Identification

Verizon is committed to helping first responders.

The future of public safety technology will be powered by 5G networks. From critical communications, to situational awareness, to virtual reality, to drones; 5G will enable life saving capabilities that will empower the first responders who protect our communities. Verizon and ResponderXLabs are committed to delivering those vital capabilities as soon as possible. 5G First Responder Lab will help deliver that commitment by working alongside boots-on-the-ground to identify the most pressing needs, and the global entrepreneurial community to source the leading solutions.

When crisis occurs, our firefighters, police, and EMTs put their own lives at risk to save others. It’s a perilous job, and oftentimes first responders must perform with limited resources. Sometimes they are injured or killed in the line of duty. First responders deserve the best technology available to ensure they are safe and effective while on duty.

We’re proud to bring 5G enabled technology to public safety, first. 

5G First Responder Lab will do more than just enable technology; we’ll make sure that technology is what first responders truly need, and we’ll make sure it’s available for every agency. That’s our commitment to public safety.